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Instant Win Sweepstakes, Online Giveaways! Daily and Weekly Entries!

Are you ready to have some FUN! Here at Scam-Free Samples we LOVE LOVE LOVE online sweepstakes! This page is dedecated to all you sweepstake lovers out there! We have hundreds of sweepstakes and contest available for you to enter. You can choose from Daily and Instant win entries (these are fun!), weekly entries, monthly entires, or unlimited entries! And most importantly, they're all Scam-Free!! We search the internet for contest from reputable companies, so we only post legit offers!

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Instant Win
Instant Win contest are so much fun! You can instantly win awesome prizes!
Daily Entry
Daily Entry Sweepstakes are great cause you can increase your chances of winning by entering daily!
Weekly Entry
Weekly Sweepstakes are cool since you can enter once a week and incease your chances of winning everytime you enter!
Monthly Entry
Monthly Entry Sweepstakes are great! Winners are usually selected monthly and prizes are changed often!
Single Entry
Single Entry Sweepstakes usually give you the chance to win really high value prizes! Like vacations, cars, homemakeovers, cash and more!
Unlimited Entry
The name says it all, you can enter as many times as you want! We love entering frequently, to increase are chances of winning! Start today!
Other Sweepstakes
Browse our current list of Other Entry Sweepstakes and start entering today! Cools prizes, no-hassle entry forms and lots of fun!


Tips on How to Enter Online Sweepstakes!

When you start entering sweepstakes online it could sometimes get overwhelming, below are a few tips you can follow to make your life alittle easier and to increase your chances of becoming a winner!

Tip #1 - Enter as Many Sweepstakes as Possible
Find a site that gathers sweepstakes for you (ie. like! Then enter as many active sweepstakes as possible! Obviously this will increase your chances of winning! The more you enter the more of a chance you have of winning! Just be sure to read all rules/restrictions to determine how many times you can enter each day, week or month. Here on our website we make this process easy by sorting out our sweepstakes by "entry frequency". You can also Join Message Boards and Online Communities. These online communities are a great place to find non-popular contest to enter!


Tip #2 - Subscribe to our Scam-Free Newsletters
If you want to stay up to date with our latest sweepstakes, you want to make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.


Tip #3 - Avoid Super-Popular Sweepstakes to Avoid Wasting Time
Popular sweepstakes are what you see everywhere! On TV, radio, billboards, all over the NET, etc. You still have a chance of winning, but your odds become very slim since millions of people are entering the same sweepstakes. I usually skip these and go for the smaller ones.


Tip #4 - Enter Sweepstakes With Difficult Entry Forms for Less Competition
Although very time consuming, your chances of winning increase since most of the population will skip these and go for sweepstakes that are easier, no-hassle to enter sweeps. So taking the time and putting in the effort to complete difficult entry forms help you boost your chances of winning!