FREE Nurse Appreciation Magnets

Nurses play a vital role when it comes to quality health care for us all. This is your chance to show your support for these invaluable health care workers.
A red background matched with white lettering makes the message stand out. The words: “Thank A Nurse” are featured predominantly.
A second show your support for nurses magnet is also available. It has a light green background with white lettering. The message says: “Nurses Saves Lives.”
The magnets are four inches wide. They are distributed in conjunction with the Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future. Place them anywhere you wish, and keep the process rolling.

Get your FREE Nurse Appreciation Magnets here – Simply Add any of the free material (choose from free Nurses Save Lives Magnet, You Can Be a Nurse Coloring Book or a free Nursing Gang Bookcover and others..) to your cart and then checkout. An organization name required.

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