Food Samples - Cereal, Coffee, Chocolate, and More!

Are you looking for some yummy food product samples that you can order and receive by mail for absolutley no-cost to you? Order these products without going through dozens of surveys and gimmicks! Finding free products nowadays can be quit easy! You can order samples by mail just by choosing any of the available categories below! Taste before you buy! Choose from top name brand names, like Lays Chips, Hershey's Chocolate, Folgers Coffee, and many more brands. Some free samples come and go, so be sure to check this page frequently for the latest offers!

Freebies are always welcome regardless of the size of your shopping budget. Giving out product samples is typically part of the promotional efforts of manufacturers, retailers or both to introduce new products or re-launch an improved version of an established brand. Some businesses may request feedback through a survey form, but for the most part, most brands give out samples, hoping that the product will sell itself with that first taste or trial. You can become part of this pool of consumers with access to samples from various companies. This website is updated frequently so that you can find the brands that matter to you, order the samples at no charge and have the products delivered to your address today!

Lays Chips

Food Products
Companies who manufacture food items love to give out free offfers of these food products to encourage new buyers to buy from their specific food product market. Special K, Mars, Lays, Coke, Pepsi, Milo's , and many, many others all want you to sample their food products now. Here, you will find many free food products for food items from several differing companies. Browse our current list of name brand food products to find a company whose products interest you as a buyer.

Lipton Tea

Companies who produce tea love to give out free samples of their products to encourage new buyers to the tea market. Lipton, Tetley, Luzianne, Teasta, and many, many others all want you to try their products now. Here, you will find many tea products from several companies. Browse our list of teas to find a company whose tea products interest. Try great name teas before you buy them.

Hershey's Candy Samples

Companies who manufacture candy like to give out samples of their products for free to lure new buyers to the candy market. Mars, Wonka, Russell Stover, and many, many others all want you to try their products today. Here, you will find many products of candy from numerous companies. Browse our list of candy companies to find a company whose candy products interest you.


Tired of drinking the same cup of coffee on a daily basis, but can't afford to stop at a local cafe? Bring the cafe right to your front door. Get your free samples of coffee online and explore the various flavors including French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chocolate and Caramel to name a few. When you think about the hectic schedule of getting the kids ready, going to work, and taking care of the house, the simple pleasures of a cup of Joe seems minuscule. So why not try out a few and see which one jump starts your day best?


Companies who produce cereal enjoy giving out product samples to encourage buyers to buy their products. Kellogg's, General Mills, Kashi and numerous other companies want consumers to try their products today. You will find various cereal from many of these companies and more here. Browse our list of cereal companies to locate a company whose items attract you. Try many name cereal products before you buy these products.

Health Snack bars

Health Food Samples
Browse our list of Health products, like Go Lean and Atkins, and More.

Food Products

In-Store Food Samples
From their kitchen to yours, try in-store food samples to give you a taste of the delicious menu items that there are to offer. You'll fall in love with the delicious goods you'll taste, which will enable you to know exactly what to expect to receive when you're ready to order. Look through our free in-store selections and try them today!


Food Product Contest & Sweepstakes
Find the latest food Contest & Sweepstakes and WIN great prizes.


Browse our list of Free Cookbooks and recipes

Ordering Food Product Samples

Companies give out product samples because they hope to gain feedback, enhance brand image and earn customer loyalty. As a consumer, you owe it to yourself to try out new products in sample sizes before making a major commitment such as buying an entire retail or price club package. Some companies even give out full size samples. Free samples provide consumers an opportunity to test new flavors and improved recipes. By preparing food in your own kitchen, you get a chance to see if the preparation required for the packaged food is suitable to your hectic lifestyle. Most prepared foods offer shortcuts for harried cooks, and you get to check the food prep recommendations to see if the recipes are still edible. Product samples will help you decide which new and improved food products will be included in your stock-up list, reducing the likelihood of wasted groceries because no one in the household liked the products.

Ordering Free Food Samples Online

Manufacturers and retailers seldom announce the availability of food samples well in advance of the promotion. In fact, the duration of the giveaway is often defined by the condition "good until supplies last" and is given out on a first-come, first served basis. For this reason, you should monitor the sites that provide links for ordering samples. If the website provides a notification service linked to your email or social media account, sign up for this service to receive alerts in a timely manner. Be wary of sites that ask for information other than basic data such as name, email and mailing address. Obviously, businesses need to know where to send your free samples. They also need a way to contact you for more information, and email is the preferred method these days.

Here are more great tips when ordering freebies online!

  • Sign up for a free email address just for your sample requests to keep your business and personal inbox free of promotional messages.
  • Make sure to provide a valid mailing address, and be aware that some companies may not send samples to post office boxes or addresses outside the U.S.
  • Avoid sites that ask for credit card information without explaining the reasons upfront. Free samples should be free, but some companies may ask you to pick up the costs of shipping, which should be within standard mailing rates. If the shipping and handling fees are exorbitant, you are being asked to pay for the sample, and it may be more prudent to forego the sample and look for another source.
  • Check out the reputation of the site by checking out online reviews. Check the review sites to see if other users have left negative or positive feedback about their experience requesting free samples. Look at each review with a critical eye to make sure that positive reviews are valid and negative reviews have some basis in fact.
  • If the companies providing the free food samples ask for feedback, take the time to complete the survey as consumer feedback is usually the basis for product redesign and improvements.
  • Order as many competing products as possible, and take note of differences in flavors, preparation and packaging. Write about this topic on your personal blog or mention it on feedback forms when possible.